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About us

How it all started

Many successful entrepreneurs have started from scratch, either as a dishwasher or in a small garage. J.D. Rockefeller managed to rise from rags to riches, Steve Jobs began his success story in a small garage in Los Altos. They represent the American Dream. We, too have visions and dreams, and inititally, some of our goods were even stored in a garage but that's the only thing that links us to the American Dream.

The origins of moto24 cannot be traced back to a mythical building or underpaid job. We took our first steps in a small office above the salesrooms of the Karlsruhe BMW motorcycle dealer Bohling u. Eisele.  We did not strive for wealth or power. On the contrary, we were driven by an essentially German virtue: Don't throw away what you might still need in the future. Over the course of the years, a lot of used motorcycle parts had accumulated in our salesrooms and workshop which took up too much space. To throw them away or sell them on flea markets wasn't an option. And so the idea was born to sell these used parts on ebay.

Our first ebay shop

In 2007, we started with two employees - one master craftsman who'd decided to turn his hobby into a career and set up our first ebay shop Alles-rund-ums-Bike and a part-time secretary who took care of the administrative tasks and order handling. At first, they were ridiculed by their colleagues as "crackpots" but soon the online department of Bohling u. Eisele turned from a small online vendor to a power seller. In addtion to used parts, Alles-rund-ums-Bike started to sell new parts such as BMW accessories, luggage systems, spare parts and apparel.

Our first online shop for BMW Motorrad equipment, accessories, apparel, and spare parts

We needed a separate online shop specializing in BMW equipment and apparel. This marked the birth of Teile-in-Eile in 2008. BMW Motorrad products were in such a high demand - not only in Germany but all over the world - that new personnel had to be hired. Customer inquiries did not only come from BMW riders. There was a demand for other motorcycle brands as well. Soon it became clear that yet another online store would be necessary to cope with the demands of this new client group.

moto24 was launched in 2009. This new shop soon became the treasure trove, a dream come true for motorcyclists from all corners of the globe because it offers motorcycle equipment, spare and wear parts, assessories, merchandise, and apparel of numerous motorcycle brands (e.g. Aprilia, BMW, Moto Guzui, Triumph, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, and a lot more). If you can't find it elsewhere, moto24 has it all - from A like adapter cable to W like waterproof inner bag.

Our relocation

Our small office was crammed full of people and about to burst at the seams. Consequentially, we moved to a spacious open-plan office above a well-equipped warehouse at the other end of the city of Karlsruhe in 2012. Even the marketing area - up till then woefully neglected - was staffed which has brought new ideas and visions for the online business.

The key to our success

But the key to our success has remained the same. We offer top quality brand products at reasonable prices and guarantee a fast delivery. We put our customers and their needs first. We strive to keep customer satisfaction a priority because that is where the money comes from. That's why customer care plays an important role in our company. We consider competent and comprehensive advice to be essential for a positive business development. Even if something does not go according to plan - e.g. because either we or our customers made a mistake, there is a delay in delivery or packages seem to have vanished from the face of the earth - we take care until the problem has been solved.

We have grown rapidly but one other thing has not changed either - our team spirit. We are like the Musketeers, "All for One and One for All". If we are understaffed due to illness or other reasons, everybody lends a hand. This attitude has welded a bunch of individuals into a powerful team.

Our international shops

moto24, our German online store, has five international offshoots so that our customers can choose from the following languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian. For our UK customers, we've created still another shop where they can pay using their national currency.

Our competent local partners

  • Bohling u. Eisele & Co. GmbH, one of the biggest BMW Motorrad dealers in Germany
  • BikeStore-KA GmbH, authorized Honda, Victory, Horex, Peugeot, Can-Am, Indian Motorcycles dealer
  • 2Rad Zentrum Karlsruhe, authorized Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha dealer
  • Moto Discount GmbH, specializing in motorcycle apparel and accessories