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Daytona boots - order your Frey Daytona motorcycle boots online

Daytona is a German company headquartered in Eggenfelden (Bavaria) manufacturing top notch motorcycle boots. Daytona boots rank among the world's top boots in terms of safety, durability and comfort. The company has produced its Daytona boots in Germany since 1973. This long-term experience has, of course, a positive effect on the products. Daytona offers a wide choice of motorcycle boots for every type of biker. Whether male or female, professional or leisure rider, there are suitable Daytona motorcycle boots and Daytona shoes for all kinds of purposes. Sport riders can choose from various sports and racing boots equipped with a protective safety shell. For touring riders, Daytona offers wind and waterproof boots in various shapes. Daytona boots and Daytona shoes are handmade boots using the most modern techniques. Only extremely abrasion-resistant leather or breathable high-tech materials such as Gore-Tex are used for manufacturing Daytona boots. In addition, Daytona boots come with plastic, metal or carbon protectors and reinforcements on e.g. shin bone, calf, ankle, toes, and heel. Of course, the schematic design of Daytona boots varies from model to model. What type of material is selected for a given motorcycle boot depends on the purpose and comfort requirements. However, all motorcycle boots have one thing in common. They all meet Daytona’s high quality standards. Many years of development, excellent workmanship and attention to detail have resulted in a sophisticated safety concept without compromising on comfort and perfect fit. Daytona also boasts an outstanding customer service. Repair work, such as e.g. new soles and handling of complaints are dealt with fast, reliably and without any problems. Daytona boots have received numerous awards and have been voted Best Brand five times in a row over the last couple of years. The top seller, the Daytona Road Star GTX has won various benchmark tests and has demonstrated repeatedly the quality of motorcycle boots made by Daytona. Daytona also manufactures motorcycle boots specially designed and developed for the needs of female bikers. Thanks to an increased sole and an adjustable calf width women have a higher stand thus feeling much safer. In our Daytona boots shop, we offer the latest collection of the Daytona motorcycle boots and shoes. Click through our wide choice of boots and see for yourself our many bargains. If you have any questions about our products, want advice or cannot find specific Daytona boots in the desired color or size, contact us. Our team will help you.