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Motorcycle center stand - get a main stand for your motorbike

When you buy a motorcycle these days, it will probably only be equipped with a side stand and not with center stand. However, especially on uneven, rough or soft ground such as earth or gravel, a center stand would be much more sensible. If a motorcycle is only held by a side stand it may fall over. To increase the stability of your motorcycle you can retrofit it with a center stand. Center stands or main stands offer the added advantage that your motorcycle will probably survive the time you don’t ride it (e.g. during the winter) much safer than with a simple side stand. The center stand bears nearly all the weight of the motorcycle, so you don’t risk getting a flat tire. Moreover, it is much easier to change a tire if the motorcycle is put on its center stand. Center stands are always delivered with an assembly kit and assembly instructions. They are not extremely expensive and can be installed relatively quickly. Moto24 offers among others motorcycle center stands 260 and main stands 46 made by Hepco & Becker, GIVI and other manufacturers.