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Real bikers take care of their bikes. Even in times when they do not ride their bike, they make sure that their motorcycle is kept at a dry place. Thank God, there are motorcycle covers for outdoor and indoor use. By means of a canvas cover you can protect your motorcycle both indoors and outdoors from dust, dirt, snow and rain. Canvas covers are available in various sizes and for nearly every motorcycle model. Basically, motorcycle covers are divided into the following two canvas cover types: canvas covers for indoor use and canvas covers for outdoor use. Motorcycle covers used indoors are made of normal cloth (e.g. canvas). They only serve to protect the motorcycle from dust (e.g. over the winter). Motorbike covers used outdoors serve to protect the motorcycle in all weather conditions (e.g. rain, snow, wind, sun, etc.). Therefore, a motorcycle cover used outdoors is made of water-resistant and tear-resistant materials(e.g. polyester). Fortunately gone are the days when canvas covers used to be available in grey only. Nowadays, you can get them in various colors, designs and shapes so that your bike does not only look good when you ride it.