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Womens motorcycle jackets - buy ladies motorbike biker jacket

Specially designed for women, ladies motorcycle jackets have gained in popularity over recent years. Women’s motorcycle jackets are of course much more comfortable as they are specially made to fit the female body. Besides a perfect fit and a good design, ladies motorcycle jackets must, above all, come up to one thing: safety standards. Therefore, ladies motorcycle jackets are made of abrasion-resistant materials such as leather or high-tech fabrics and feature impact absorbing protectors. It is highly advisable to use jackets with certified protectors. Protectors without CE approval do not guarantee sufficient protection in case of a fall. Moreover, you should buy your ladies motorcycle jacket and your ladies motorcycle pants from the same manufacturer. Otherwise you can’t zip your pants to your women’s motorcycle jacket and form a motorcycle suit. Apart from the fit, it’s the style of the women’s motorcycle jacket which mainly differs from that of the male counterpart. The style of motorcycle jackets for women is mostly designed to come up to female preferences. See for yourself and browse through our wide selection.