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Womens motorcycle pants - buy a ladies motorbike trousers at moto24

Looking for women's motorcycle pants? Then you have come to the right place. We offer a large variety of motorcycle pants for women, different fits, different styles, and different materials. Motorcycle pants for ladies are made of either leather or textile materials. Leather (genuine leather or imitation leather) is very robust and abrasion-resistant, but it isn’t quite as comfortable as motorcycle trousers made of textile materials. Ladies motorcycle pants made of textiles have greatly improved in recent years, particularly in terms of safety and protection. Textile pants have a lower weight than motorcycle leather pants and they are tailored to the ladies bodies. Some motorcycle pants for women are elastic in some places so as to ensure the correct and proper fit in all positions. Both materials provide sufficient and adequate security, not least because of good protectors on the knee and possibly the hip area. Every woman must decide for herself what’s more important to her, extreme resistance or increased comfort and less weight? However, whatever material you choose, if you need both, pants and a jacket, buy both garments from the same manufacturer. This has the added advantage that you can fix the jacket to the pants by means of a zipper. Not sure which motorcycle pants to choose? We will gladly help you find the right one for your special needs.