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The most traditional motorbike apparel is made of leather. The classic biker gear used to consist of a long leather coat and a leather jacket. Special pants and leather boots came much later on the motorbike clothing market. Leather coat and jacket were followed by the leather motorcycle suit. Indeed, you cannot imagine the clothing market without motorcycle suits. When a biker jacket is zipped to motorcycle pants we refer to a 2-piece motorcycle suit. Two-piece leathers feature several advantages over one-piece leathers: You can take off your leather jacket at a restaurant when you stop for a coffee. A two-piece leather suit has the added advantage of being more comfortable during the summer. If it is too hot, you simply take off the jacket. If you want to change your style, you simply combine your leather pants with another leather jacket. This is not possible if you wear a one-piece motorcycle suit. Therefore, one-piece leathers are only worn by racing motorcyclists or motorcyclists with sporting ambitions. These leathers are skin tight and are mostly made to measure. Manufacturers of motorcycle suits therefore almost exclusively concentrate on 2-piece leathers. The price of bike leathers largely depends on the quality and thickness of the leather. The leading manufacturers of brand products often use calf leather which is much softer than other leather types. The life of a leather suit largely depends on the leather tanning and color. When the motorcycle industry was booming in the seventies and eighties of the last century the sales figures of motorcycle suits increased explosively too. There was hardly any alternative to bike leathers. Leather suits could be bought off-the-shelf or be made to measure. One-piece motorcycle leathers were made to measure as well. In terms of safety, leathers and their accessories have been improved considerably. Initially, the body parts calling for special protection, i.e. the knees, elbows, and shoulders, were covered by a double layer of leather. In case of a crash at high speed, these two layers of leather would fray. If the motorcyclist hit an obstacle, this type of leathers didn’t offer much protection either. Today, it is standard practice to fit out leathers with protectors made of high-quality materials. Many leathers are even provided with a back protector sewn into the material. Motorcycle leathers are still a popular alternative to non-leather suits. Though not waterproof like most modern motorcycle textiles, it’s the smell, look and feel which makes a leather suit something special and extremely comfortable to wear.