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Motorcycle gloves are part of the protective clothing of a biker and thus an indispensible piece of motorcycle gear. Good motorcycle gloves have two primary tasks. On the one hand, they serve to protect you in the event of a fall and on the other they shall keep your fingers dry and warm. It’s the first aspect which is extremely important. In the event of a fall, only your (hopefully gloved) hands will be between you and the hard pavement because your hands will instinctively shoot forward to absorb the impact of the fall. Wearing the wrong gloves in such a situation would result in serious injuries. Even if gloves probably belong to those pieces of the motorcycle gear which you can buy at a relatively reasonable price, you should take your time choosing the right pair of motorcycle gloves. It does not always pay to buy cheap motorcycle gloves or discount motorcycle gloves. Motorbike gloves are either made of leather or textile materials. Quality motorcycle gloves feature reinforcements or protectors on the knuckles and palms (e.g. made of carbon or Kevlar). Whatever material your motorbike glove is made of, it must be extremely abrasion-proof. In order to help you find the right motorcycle glove, our assortment of gloves only features a selected choice of articles we would wear ourselves. We care about your safety. Therefore, we only offer motorcycle gloves made of top-quality materials such as leather or Gore-Tex textiles. We make sure that the gloves on sale have reinforcements on knuckles and wrist and feature well-finished seams. In addition to normal motorcycle gloves, we also offer the following specialized glove types: motorcycle touring gloves, sport bike gloves, motocross gloves, motorcycle winter gloves, and motorcycle summer gloves so that we can satisfy the needs of every biker. You are looking for a special brand? We sell gloves of the following brands: Dainese, Held, Kushitani, DIFI, BMW, and Dane.