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Mens Motorcycle Jackets - buy your motorbike jacket cheap at your motorcycle shop

Motorcycle jackets are – apart from motorcycle pants, helmets, boots and gloves - an important piece of motorbike gear. A motorcycle jacket serves to protect the upper part and the arms of a biker during a fall. In terms of protection, motorcycle jackets have two functions: Minimizing the risk of road burns and grazes in case of a fall by means of abrasion-resistant materials and protecting the back of the biker thanks to protectors integrated into the motorcycle jacket. Motorcycle jackets are available in leather (motorcycle leather jackets) or modern textiles (e.g. Gore-Tex, Cordura, soft shell). Leather is extremely abrasion-resistant; fabrics feature the additional advantage of being extremely light and breathable. Modern motorcycle jackets used in the motorbike sector ensure a high level of protection today. All jackets are equipped with protectors on elbows and shoulders, most already have a protector pocket at the back. If necessary, an additional back protector can be inserted into this pocket. When buying a motorcycle jacket, you should always pay attention to the correct position of the protectors. Test it by sitting on a bike in riding position. We’d recommend you to buy the motorcycle jacket and pants from the same manufacturer. This has the advantage that the motorcycle jacket and pants can be securely connected by a zipper thus preventing the pants from sliding down while you sit on your bike. Especially in cold weather, a motorcycle jacket securely fixed to the pants keeps you warm and comfortable and prevents cold drafts from freezing your back. If you opt for a leather suit, you don’t have to bother about this aspect. Yet, even leathers are available as 1-piece or 2-piece leather suits. We at moto24 only offer bike jackets of high quality brands. True to the motto "don’t sell stuff you wouldn’t wear yourself!” we only sell quality products. Our motorcycle clothing shop stocks riding jackets for men and women of numerous leading manufacturers. Try us!