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Mens Motorcycle Pants & Trousers - buy your motorbike trousers cheap at

In terms of protection, motorcycle pants are an important part of the motorbike clothing. Motorcycle pants – or motorcycle trousers as the British would call them – should therefore be worn even on short motorbike trips. In case of a fall, motorcycle pants protect against serious injuries, the protectors cushion all body parts most likely to hit the pavement first, and the abrasion-resistant material protects against road burns and gravel rash. Motorcycle pants are made of either leather or high tech fabrics. These materials are extremely robust and therefore ideally suited for the motorbike sector. Protectors on knees and hips – which should have a CE certificate - ensure that the impact forces are cushioned as much as possible. If you want to buy a new pair of motorcycle riding pants, you should give the matter a careful thought. Basically, you have to decide between leather and textile. Textile motorcycle pants are lightweight, comfortable and breathable and therefore suitable for long bike tours. Leather pants are extremely robust and can be jointed to the matching motorcycle leather jacket to form a motorcycle leather suit. Modern motorcycle pants, whether made of leather or textile - are almost a world apart. More and more innovative materials are being developed and improved continuously. Even today's leather has nothing much in common with its counterpart of the 80ies. The safety of motorcyclists is subject to constant improvement. Most protectors integrated in motorcycle pants ensure profound protection and waterproof high-quality materials offer great style and comfort which is one of the most important criteria for good motorcycle pants. Standard is also a zipper at the hem, so that a biker jacket can be added. Therefore, you should buy motorcycle jacket and trousers from the same manufacturer.