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Motorcycle back protector - safety first due the best back protectors

There are many types and styles of back protectors. There are, for instance, back protectors which are inserted into a kind of pocket at the back of the motorcycle jacket. These protectors do not get out of place and provide support and stability. However, separate back protectors which can be fasted by means of belts or straps provide much more protection. They fit under a set of full leathers or other clothing and their job is to protect the rider's backbone, back and ribs and to distribute the forces generated in a crash over a wider surface area. Such a type of back protector is fastened by means of shoulder straps and a belt with Velcro fastener around the stomach. Only buy back protectors with TÜV and CE approval coming up to the European impact protector standard EN 1621. Keep your hands off back protectors not complying with this standard! Your are safe with our products. Moto24 does only sell back protectors complying with the above safety standard. The purchase of a quality back protector is a sensible investment in one’s own health and safety. And this is not just our humble opinion; nearly all motorcycle gear tests show the same results. Back protectors are available in various sizes and shapes to fit all persons and provide a maximum of protection irrespective of body height and weight. Click through our selection of back protectors, you will surely find the back protector that fits you.