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Kidney belt - buy cheap motorcycle kidney belts at

The kidney belt is an important piece of the motorcycle gear. The kidney belt serves to keep your muscles and lower spinal area warm and protect you against wind chill. Once you start freezing, your muscles will tense up and hurt. Moreover, the belt keeps your innards from shaking around and it also supports your lower back. Kidney belts are normally worn under the motorcycle jacket or the leather suit. There are many choices of kidney belts including various degrees of additional back protection. Kidney belts available today are either made of neoprene, phase-change materials or polyethylene foam. Kidney belts range from relatively small ones to kidney belt systems with integrated protectors. Kidney belts with protector have become very popular in recent times. The protector is not only fixed by the kidney belt but also by an additional shoulder strap. Nearly every manufacturer of motorcycle gear offers kidney belts in addition to motorcycle jackets, pants, boots, and gloves.