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Helmet visors - find the perfect motorcycle visor at

Helmet visors should be exchanged from time to time, e.g. if a scratch on the helmet visor influences your vision. Normally, helmet visors can be exchanged quite easily by a simple clicking mechanism. Modern visor helmets are equipped with an additional internal visor to prevent the motorcycle visor from fogging up. This functions pretty well and therefore has become an integral part as far as Shoei helmets are concerned. Tinted or colored visors have become more and more popular in recent times. In the summer, a tinted visor protects the motorcyclist from the sunlight so that he does not have to wear sun glasses under the helmet. Helmet visors are available in different tints and colors so that they can be adjusted to the individual needs of the biker. Click through our choice of accessories and find the motorcycle helmet visor that fits you.