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Mens Flip-Up Helmets - order a safe & quality modular helmet at

Flip-up helmets are becoming more and more popular among motorcyclists. Motorcycle helmets whose chin part can be opened and slided upward have constantly increased their market share during the last couple of years. The reason for this rise in market shares derives from the fact that flip-up helmets have been subject to continuous improvement and development and do, in fact, come up to the safety standards of full face helmets. Therefore, let’s disregard safety standards for the moment and have a closer look at the advantages offered by a modern flip-up helmet: Flip-up helmets or modular helmets have an extremely functional design. Thanks to the movable chin part, modular motorcycle helmets can be put on and off much easier than full-face helmets since the biker doesn’t have to force his head through the narrow opening of the helmet. This mechanism is especially useful for people wearing glasses. If you want to have a brief chat with your passenger while waiting at the traffic lights you simply have to slide up the chin part of your motorcycle helmet. If you are looking for quality flip-up helmets offering value for money our shop is exactly the right address. Feel free to contact us should you have further questions on motorcycle helmets in general or flip-up helmets in particular. We are happy to help.