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Motorcycle luggage racks, bags & accessoires - luggage systems at moto24

Motorcyclists going on a longer motorcycling tour need an appropriate piece of motorcycle luggage to fit and protect the stuff they want to take with them. What type of motorcycle luggage is appropriate for you depends on the following aspects: motorcycle model, length of the tour, required storage space, climatic conditions, and destination. For long day rides, a simple tank bag or backpack should do. An overnight trip may require the extra storage space provided by a bike case or hard luggage. Motorcycle luggage mostly consists of either of the following: A pair of bike boxes with matching carrier system, top case and matching rear rack, tank bag and/or luggage roll and a backpack. As far as motorcycle storage is concerned, it does not pay to look for cheap bargains. Whatever type of motorbike luggage you choose, look for functional quality products that fit your needs and your motorcycle. Motorcycle bags and boxes are constantly exposed to the weather. Therefore, they should be sturdy and waterproof. Normally, bike boxes and top cases are either made of hard plastic or aluminum. Hard cases made of plastic offer a lot of advantages: they are more secure than soft bags, they are practical and they provide enough storage space for overnight trips. Aluminum boxes are used for off-road tours or tours in the desert. They are quite popular with riders of Enduro motorcycles. Our range of products includes, among others, motorcycle luggage made by the following renowned and experienced manufacturers: Hepco & Becker and GIVI. Browsing through our choice of products you will certainly find the motorbike luggage perfect for your special needs. We offer everything a biker might need for his or her next tour of whatever length. Should you be in two minds as to the right piece of motorcycle luggage, contact us. Our competent team of motorcycle enthusiasts is always happy to help.