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Motorcycle saddlebags - quality leather saddle bags for your motorbike

Motorcycle saddlebags are above all popular in the chopper and cruiser community. They serve to carry your luggage in a safe manner. Motorcycle saddlebags are either made of leather (genuine or imitation leather) or textiles. However, most saddle bags are made of leather. Normally, saddlebags are bought in pairs. It depends on the respective model whether you need special mounting hardware to mount the motorcycle saddlebags. Some motorcycle bags are connected by means of one or two straps so that the saddlebags can simply be mounted on the passenger seat. For other saddlebags, e.g. the C-BOW saddlebags of Hepco & Becker, you need a special holder. The saddlebags are simply placed on top of the holder featuring a locking system in the form of an easily accessible cylinder lock. Thanks to the cylinder lock, the saddlebags are theft-proof. Since leather is not completely waterproof, we recommend the purchase of an additional rain cover. Moto24 offers a variety of motorcycle saddlebags ranging from non-leather saddlebags available at discount prices which can simply be thrown over the motorcycle to high-quality motorcycle saddlebags made of genuine leather.