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Motorcycle soft luggage - flexible soft bags for your next motorbike trip

Motorcycle soft luggage allows the motorcycle rider to transport luggage on his or her motorcycle. Motorcycle bags, also called motorcycle soft bags, are suitable for shorter motorcycle tours and day trips. Normally, motorcycle luggage bags are made of textile and don’t require a special carrier system. They are simply thrown over the seat and, if necessary, fastened by straps. However, there are some motorcycle soft bags that require a motorcycle-specific mounting system and can be firmly clicked into place. Motorcycle luggage bags have a low weight and are extremely flexible as they come in different volume sizes. If covered by an additional rain cover, motorcycle soft bags are even waterproof. If you do not need much luggage space and prefer to stay flexible, you will be well served by textile motorcycle luggage bags. Click through our wide variety of motorcycle soft luggage bags and motorcycle soft bags. You will find just the right one for your needs.